The environment is at the heart of Créations Aqua Terra

Sustainable Development

Stabilizing and restoring banks, managing water sources, preventing erosion

Créations Aqua Terra, landscaping business, carries out landscaping plans not only to please the senses but to find solutions or restore the exterior environment, thus dealing with various situations: property flooding, violent winds, protecting the property against erosion and running water, cleaning of the property, etc

  • Restoration and stabilization of the banks
  • Naturalization of the banks to favour biodiversity
  • Protection of the environment during the work
  • Draining of the property
  • Filling      
  • Development of flowerbeds requiring very little water
  • Landscaping of paths and walls: choice of long-lasting and durable materials
  • Embellish: choice of plants resistant to the climate, wind, insects and diseases
  • Regeneration of the soil through compost application
  • Analysis of the soil and land